How to Avoid Awkward Transitions when Hosting Events

How to Avoid Awkward Transitions when Hosting Events

By Becky Charles

How to Avoid Awkward Transitions when Hosting Events

It's always a bit awkward when you're deep in conversation with someone at a party and then suddenly your conversation is halted because it's time to move on to the next thing - like, say, eating. Well, transitions can be as awkward for the host as it is for the guests. As the host, how can you avoid those awkward transitions that leave people feeling cut off or rushed. How can you allow conversations to flourish while still moving the event along? Fortunately, there are some easy tricks that you can use to make your transitions smoother and less awkward. Let's take a look at them.



Start with Individuals and Less Engaged Groups

Gathering up a large crowd of people, especially when they are conversing, can often be a difficult task. If you find yourself in this situation, the best way to start is by going one by one. Look out for those who seem a bit less engaged; those on their phones or just standing around. With a friendly smile and a gentle tone of voice, say something like "hey we're about ready to start with the food. Can you guys start making your way to the kitchen?" Once people see others beginning to move together to a particular location, they will be more likely to follow suit and it will be an easier transition for all.



Listen for a Lull

As soon as I start to hear any kind of lull in the conversation, I take this opportunity to step in and suggest that we all move on together to enjoy some food. It's important to let everyone know that it isn't expected of them to stop talking – after all, a good conversation is one of the best indicators for a good time – but introducing some food into the party can only make things better. Saying something along the lines of "alright, sounds like a great time to start having food" often gets people in the mood and excited to dig in, without feeling forced out of their conversations.



Don't Require Everyone to Transition at Once

When orchestrating the transition from conversation to dinner at a party, it can be useful to ease into it gradually. Who says everyone has to eat at the same time? Rather than trying to address the whole group at once, approach individual clusters of people and make sure that everyone has been invited to unwind and enjoy a meal. You can accomplish this by specifically saying something like: "Hey, whenever you are ready, help yourself to a plate!" Being mindful of offering a gentle invitation in this way will give those engaged in conversation permission to finish their exchange before joining the rest of the party for dinner. In the end, this incremental approach lets you ensure each person knows they have the option of grabbing a bite without interrupting the conversations that are flowing around them.



Hosting events doesn't have to be stressful or awkward! With these tips for smoother transitions, you'll be able to keep your guests engaged and on track with minimal effort on your part. Whether it's starting one group at a time, keeping an eye out for lulls in conversation, or transitioning individuals instead of everyone all at once—these three tips will help make your events more enjoyable for both you and your guests! So throw some great parties with smooth transitions today!