How to Host an Event as an Introvert!

How to Host an Event as an Introvert!

By Becky Charles

How to Host an Event as an Introvert!

How to Host an Event as an Introvert!

Are you an introvert who loves hosting events, but finds yourself exhausted at the end of the night? We’ve all been there! And we're on your team! As an introvert, it can be tough to maintain a balance between socializing and recharging. But don’t worry—there are some simple tips you can use as a host to make sure you still have energy for yourself at the end of the event. Let’s take a look at how to host an event as an introvert! 


But First...


Start Small

If you're feeling nervous about hosting an event, start small. Invite a few close friends over for dinner or drinks. This will help you acclimate to the idea of entertaining and hosting without feeling overwhelmed.

Once you've successfully hosted a small gathering, you'll be ready to take on bigger events. So don't be afraid to start small - it's the best way to ease into hosting events.

Ok, let's begin!


Before Hosting an Event


Tip #1: Delegate tasks


One of the best pieces of advice I can give when it comes to hosting any type of event is to ask for help early on. Don't wait until you are already feeling overwhelmed with all the work that needs to be done before reaching out for assistance.

It's much easier to become organized and delegate tasks at the beginning of the planning process than it is when you're already feeling exhausted from trying to do everything yourself. 


Tip #2: Keep your energy level up

Take Care of Your Body 

The days leading up to a large gathering can be stressful, so make sure you take the opportunity to eat healthy foods and get enough sleep. Eating healthy will help you maintain your energy levels, while getting enough sleep will give you the rest and relaxation you need to stay alert and focused during the event.




When it comes to food, look for snacks that are high in protein such as nuts or cheese, as these type of snacks provide long-lasting energy without making you feel too full or tired. 


Take Energizing Supplements 

If you’re feeling extra tired or sluggish before the event, try taking an energizing supplement such as coffee or vitamin B12. The caffeine in coffee can help wake you up and make you feel more alert, while vitamin B12 is known for its ability to boost energy levels without causing jitters or restlessness.

If possible, avoid drinking too much caffeine before the event since this could cause dehydration and fatigue later on in the night. 


Tip #3: Consider your guest list carefully


What is your capacity? 

When it comes to hosting an event, who you invite plays a crucial role in determining how much energy you will have left in the end. Consider your capacity for the event and the feeling you want to walk away with while planning.

If you invite too many people it can become overwhelming and exhausting. Finding that perfect balance is key to maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere for both yourself and your guests. 


Think Carefully About Who To Invite  

When creating your guest list, take some moments to consider who you would like to have at your event. Think about who would enjoy each other's company and who would benefit from being invited.

Invite people who share similar interests or hobbies – this will encourage conversation and help everyone mesh better than if they were strangers thrown into a room together without anything in common. 

This way, everyone in attendance knows someone else there or is open to meeting new people and can enjoy meaningful conversations with others at your gathering. A thoughtful selection of guests helps keep things running smoothly while also avoiding awkward moments or conversations throughout the night.  



Tip #4: Prepare some conversation starters


Gratitude Conversation Cards


Conversation Cards 

Our gratitude conversation cards are a great way to break the ice and keep conversations going. They’re like mini-icebreakers that help introduce individuals who don’t know each other, as well as serve as a reminder of things they can talk about. You can place cards around the room or dinner table, so guests can pick one up at their leisure or during a lull in the conversation. 

The cards typically contain questions or statements related to gratitude, such as “What or who can you thank for the growth you have experienced?” or “What was a piece of advice you received that you are grateful for?”

These questions get everyone talking and encourage them to think deeply about their lives. It also gives everyone an opportunity to learn something new about each other, which helps create connections between guests and breaks down barriers. 


Conversation Topics

Other conversational starters could be topics related to current events, pop culture, food & recipes, travel & destinations, fun facts and trivia questions – anything that will prompt interesting conversations among your guests. You can even mix things up by having some conversation cards with lighthearted topics such as funny anecdotes or jokes! Having these conversation starters available will ensure that your guests never run out of things to talk about. 


During the Event


Tip #5: Give Yourself Permission to Take a Timeout 


Why You Need a Break 

When we host an event, we’re socializing and our brains are working overtime to keep up with conversations and stay alert. This can be difficult for introverts because they tend to become drained more quickly than extroverts in these types of situations.

That’s why it's so important for introverts to give themselves permission to step away and recharge during their own events. Doing this not only helps you manage your energy levels, but it also gives you some much-needed solitude so that you can come back into the group feeling refreshed and energized. 


How To Take a Timeout 

It’s okay to take a breather during your own event! If you start feeling overwhelmed at your event, don't be afraid to take a timeout! There are many ways you can do this without disrupting the flow of the event.

For example, if possible, try stepping into another room for five minutes or taking a quick break outside for some fresh air. If that's not an option, even spending five minutes in the bathroom can help you recharge before heading back out into the crowd of attendees. It might sound silly, but sometimes all it takes is five minutes of solitude for us introverts to feel ready to face the world again! 


Tip #6: Help People Around You 

Focus on Routine Tasks

The best part about being a host is getting to help people around you. Don’t be afraid to ask your guests what they need or offer assistance. This could include a job like refilling drinks, adding more food to the dessert trays, or adjusting the volume on the speakers based on the current dynamic of your audience.

Not only will this help your guests have a good time, but it also gives you something productive and helpful to do so that you don’t get overwhelmed by too much socializing. 


Encourage Others To Mingle 

If there are guests at your event who aren't mingling as much as others, take a moment out of your night and give them someone new to talk with. Introducing two strangers (or groups of strangers) is actually one of the most rewarding things about being a host—you get to facilitate conversations between different kinds of people who may end up becoming friends afterward!

Once you make the introduction and the conversation has started, you can be proud of your handiwork and gracefully bow out!


Tip #7: Take Photos


Another great way for introverts to recharge as you host an event is by taking pictures! This allows you to remain present but removed at the same time.



Document Your Hard Work 

Hosting an event takes time, energy, and thought. As an introvert, it can be especially taxing to ensure that everyone is having fun while also keeping your own energy levels in check.

Taking photos of the event is a great way to document all of your hard work - plus, it gives you something creative to focus on without tiring out too quickly. 


Share the Photos on Social Media Afterward 

There’s nothing like looking back at pictures after an event is over! Not only will this let everyone relive those moments, but it will get everyone excited for the next event too!

And since sharing on social media makes things so easy these days, you don't even have to worry about prints or albums. (Unless you want to because they are great!) Just post them online and share with your friends - they'll be sure to thank you for the memories!  


Tip #8: Don’t forget to eat! 


Part of being a good host is taking time out from running around all night long in order to sit down with your guests, listen to what they have to say, and enjoy a meal together! Eating with your guests will not only give them an opportunity for conversation but it'll also help keep you going until the end of the night without feeling completely drained afterwards. 


Keep Snacks Handy 

If a full meal isn’t feasible during your event, make sure there are plenty of snacks around. Having snacks available will help fuel both you and your guests throughout the night—and it won’t take up too much time away from hosting duties! Place bowls of chips, pretzels, or nuts around the room so that attendees can easily grab something if they need it. Or set up a charcuterie board or veggie platter that everyone can enjoy as they mingle. 


Tip #9: Have fun!


At the end of the day, remember that hosting an event should be fun! If you're not enjoying yourself, chances are your guests aren't either. Relax and let yourself have a good time – your guests will thank you for it!



Once your event starts, let go of any pre-conceived ideas about how things should go and just go with the flow. Let your friends mingle and interact as they please – chances are they know how to enjoy themselves without any input from you anyway! Just focus on being present in each moment and savoring all of those memories as they happen. 

Remember: no matter what kind of occasion it may be - birthday party or corporate event - don't forget to take some time out during the busyness and just enjoy yourself!


Ending an Event

Introverts often feel overwhelmed at the thought of being at a venue (such as a party or a corporate event) indefinitely or being a host and feeling like people are going to be in their home indefinitely. One way to help ease this fear is to set the expectation up front about when the event will end so that everyone knows when it's time for them (and YOU) to go home!

For instance, if you know that you can only host for a certain amount of time, let your guests know in advance. This will help to create a more relaxed environment for both you and your guests.

Additionally, at the end of the event, start clearing plates and putting food away, and genuinely thanking them for coming. This will let your guests know that the event is wrapping up and it's time to start leaving.


You 've Got This!

Hosting isn't always easy when you're an introvert — but with these simple tips in mind, it doesn't have to be draining either! We hope that hosting events becomes easier for our fellow introverts out there! Happy hosting!