Preparing Your House Before Your Event

Preparing Your House Before Your Event

By Becky Charles

Preparing Your House Before Your Event

There’s nothing like throwing a party or hosting an event. The trouble is, sometimes when you open up your home for guests, it’s easy for them to notice the mess that you’ve been meaning to clean up for weeks—or months! Read on if you want to learn some tips and tricks on how to make sure that your house looks presentable while still having room (literally) to entertain. 


Declutter Your Space 

The first step in making sure that your home is ready for entertaining is decluttering. This can seem daunting, especially if it’s been a while since you last picked up around the house, but it doesn’t have to be too overwhelming. Try breaking down the task into smaller chunks and focus on one space at a time. For instance, start with one closet and work through all of its contents before moving on to another area of the house. As you go through each item, decide whether or not it should stay, be donated or thrown away—and don’t forget about items that are out of place such as books or magazines. Once you have finished decluttering your home, it will be much easier (not to mention faster) to give it a thorough cleaning before your event. 



Organization Is Key 

Once everything has found a home in your house, you can move onto organizing what remains. If possible, try grouping similar items together in an effortless and stylish way—for example, stack books neatly on shelves or collect various trinkets in decorative boxes or baskets. This will help keep clutter from piling up again after the event is over and make sure that any areas that were previously hidden from sight remain organized and tidy even when visitors come over. Additionally, consider investing in furniture pieces with built-in storage solutions such as ottomans with hinged lids or benches with drawers underneath them; these will help keep items off the floor and out of sight until they are needed again. 



Getting Ready for Guests 

Finally, once everything has been decluttered and organized it's time to get ready for guests! Take this opportunity to deep clean any areas that are visible during an event—such as bathrooms and kitchen countertops—as well as surfaces like tabletops where food will be served later on. Additionally, make sure that all linens are freshly washed so they look crisp and inviting; this includes tablecloths as well as hand towels in bathrooms if necessary. Finally don’t forget about lighting; dimming lights can create an intimate atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests. 



Now that your house is decluttered and organized with plenty of room for entertaining guests (while still looking impeccable), all that’s left is planning the actual event! Whether you opt for something formal such as dinner parties or more casual gatherings such as game nights there are endless possibilities when it comes to entertaining at home—so why wait? Get started today by following these steps so you can throw unforgettable events without worrying about the state of your home beforehand!