Planning a Wedding? Here Are the Most Important Considerations

Planning a Wedding? Here Are the Most Important Considerations

By Becky Charles

Planning a Wedding? Here Are the Most Important Considerations

Congratulations! You just got engaged and you’re about to jump into the world of wedding planning. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, so where do you even begin? There are a few things to consider when planning your dream wedding: from the guest list, to finding the perfect venue, to making sure you don't go over budget — there’s so much to think about! Here is what you need to know before taking on this exciting journey. 


1. Set a Budget 

No matter what kind of wedding you want, it's essential that you set a realistic budget and stick with it! The last thing you want is to end up spending more than what was allocated for each category (catering, photography, etc.).

It’s also important that everyone involved is aware of the budget beforehand so that no one is surprised when presented with an invoice at the end of the night. Setting up a budget early on will help keep everyone organized throughout the process.  



2. Create Your Guest List 

Another important consideration is your guest list. How many people do you want to invite to your wedding? This will determine the size of the venue you need and the amount of food and drink you need to provide.

It’s important to make sure you invite wedding guests who are important to you and who will make your day special. This should include family members as well as friends who are close enough to deserve an invitation - but remember not everyone has to be included if they don't fit within budget constraints or if their presence might cause tension.


3. Date and Location

The date and location of your wedding are also important. The date will be something you reflect on and celebrate forever!

When do you want to get married? Have you always dreamed of a spring wedding? Where do you want to have your ceremony and reception? Your hometown? The city you met your husband to be? A tropical destination wedding? These factors will determine the availability of venues and vendors, as well as the cost of your wedding.



4. Pick Your Theme For Your Wedding Ceremony

Before getting too far into planning your big day, pick out a theme that suits you both best! You can find tons of wedding inspiration and ideas, expert advice, and exclusive deals for decor on our site!

Whether it's something classic like black-tie or beachy vibes - make sure it reflects both of your personalities and allows guests to get excited about attending your special day! Plus maybe throw some funny quips here and there during speeches that hint towards the theme while still being respectful - it'll get everyone laughing in no time!  


5. Sorting Through Wedding Venues 

Your venue will set the tone for the entire event. If you’re dreaming of a fairytale wedding, you may want to consider getting married in a castle or grand estate. If you’re looking for something more relaxed, there are plenty of beautiful outdoor venues, such as parks or beaches, that would be perfect for your big day.

When deciding on a venue for your wedding, keep in mind things like size, accessibility, and budget – all three of which will affect how many people you can invite and whether or not they’ll be able to attend. Also consider if it's an outdoor or indoor event as this could affect other aspects of your wedding such as decorations or entertainment. 



6. Booking Your Vendors

Once you have a venue booked, it’s time to start thinking about which vendors you’d like to use for your big day. The most important vendor to book is your photographer/videographer, as they will be responsible for capturing all of the photos and memories of your special day that you'll cherish for life.

Other important vendors include a florist, caterer, band or DJ, and cake baker. Be sure to book these vendors well in advance, as they can often get booked up months or even years in advance, especially great photographers.


7. Choosing Your Wedding Party

One of the fun parts of planning a wedding is choosing who will stand by your side on your big day. Start by thinking about who your closest friends and family are, and then narrow down your list for the wedding party from there.

Once you’ve chosen your bridal party for the wedding ceremony, make sure to let them know as soon as possible so that they can start planning for their role in the wedding.



8. Looking at Wedding Dresses

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is choosing your wedding dress! Schedule some time to go dress shopping for wedding dresses with your mom or maid-of-honor, and try on a variety of different styles of wedding dresses until you find the one that makes you feel like a princess.

Once you’ve found “the one”, be sure to order it well in advance so you have plenty of time for alterations if necessary.


9. Deciding on Your Flowers

Your flowers will play an important role in setting the tone for your wedding, so it’s important to put some thought into them ahead of time. Work with your florist to come up with a color palette and style that fits with the overall theme of your wedding.

Be sure to also think about what type of flowers you’d like for your bouquet and boutonnieres/corsages for the members of your bridal party.



10. Choosing Your Music

The music selection for your wedding should be reflective of both yours and your fiancé’s taste. Start by making a list of must-play songs, as well as any songs that are off-limits.

From there, you can begin thinking about which band or DJ would be best suited for playing at your reception. Be sure to give them an idea of the types of music you want played so they can create a custom playlist just for you.


11. Planning Your Menu

Your menu should be reflective not only of yours but also guest dietary restrictions. When siting down with potential caterers, ask about their ability to accommodate guests with food allergies or sensitivities.

Try to offer healthier options alongside some indulgent ones. And don ‘t forget about dessert! Be sure to ask about their cake-baking abilities or if they know any great local bakeries they could recommend.



12. Hiring a Wedding Planner

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of planning for your wedding day, you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner. A good wedding planner will be able to take care of all the details of your big day, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Wedding planners typically charge around 10% of your total budget, so be sure to factor this into your budget when making your decision.



Planning a wedding may feel overwhelming at first but once you have these twelve major considerations nailed down everything else will fall into place much easier than expected! Just remember - stay true to yourselves by picking out meaningful themes/venues/foods & drinks that reflect who both of you are while also keeping an eye on budgetary restraints so that nothing gets too out of hand money wise- then everything else should run smoothly from there on out! Good luck and happy planning!