Why You Should Let Your Messiness Shine at Your Next Party

Why You Should Let Your Messiness Shine at Your Next Party

By Becky Charles

Why You Should Let Your Messiness Shine at Your Next Party

Are you thinking about hosting a party but can’t seem to get started because your house is in disarray? Have no fear! A cluttered home doesn’t have to be the end of your party dreams. In fact, it can actually be the perfect way to add character and charm to your event — and create a more relaxed atmosphere for your guests. Here’s why you should let your messiness shine at your next gathering.



Adding Character with Clutter 

First of all, a little bit of clutter goes a long way in creating an inviting atmosphere — as long as it’s not overbearing. This doesn’t mean that you should leave heaps of laundry strewn around or dishes piled up in the sink; there is definitely an art to incorporating clutter into a space tastefully. But if there are pieces of furniture with a vintage feel like worn-in leather sofas or distressed wooden tables, it adds an element of comfort and warmth that will make your guests feel right at home. 



Less Pressure   

Another great benefit of having a slightly messy home is that it takes the pressure off. If everything is too neat and tidy, guests may feel they need to walk on eggshells while they’re there—but if things are just “lived-in” enough, then everyone can relax and be their naturally messy selves without worrying about making a mess. Plus, this opens the door for more conversation topics; for example, instead of discussing how clean your living room looks, friends might talk about how much character it has because it still looks lived-in despite its age or how much they love the vintage rug you found at an antique market. 



Feelings of Accomplishment                     

So often we put off hosting events because we feel like our homes aren’t good enough—but don’t forget that by opening up your home and welcoming people in, you are already accomplishing something! Think about it this way: when you host an event in a cluttered space, you are essentially showing people that even though things aren't always perfect, you can still find joy in life's little moments — like gathering together with friends and family over food and drinks — regardless. That alone is something worth celebrating! 



Hosting an event doesn't have to be complicated or stressful — all it takes is having fun with what you have! So don't let clutter stand between you and throwing the best party ever; use it as inspiration instead! Put some effort into cleaning up all those piles of laundry so everyone feels comfortable, but also keep things just “lived-in" enough so that everyone can really enjoy themselves without any extra pressure or expectations. You'll be surprised by how much fun everyone will have when they get together in spite of (or maybe even because of!) the messiness!