Zero Gravity Loungers

Zero Gravity Loungers

By Becky Charles

Zero Gravity Loungers

Zero Gravity Loungers

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If you're looking for a comfortable lounger to relax in, you may have come across "zero gravity loungers" during your search. But what are they? Do they really provide any benefits?


Yes, Yes They Do!

Let's take a look at what zero gravity loungers are and some of the benefits they offer.


What Is a Zero Gravity Lounger?

A zero gravity lounger is a type of reclining chair that takes its name from the "zero gravity" position used by astronauts during takeoff.


rocket taking off


Why Lounge Like an Astronaut?

This position evenly distributes your weight across the lounger, taking pressure off your spine and relieving muscle tension. Many people find this position to be extremely comfortable and relaxing.


Benefits of Zero Gravity Loungers

There are many benefits associated with zero gravity loungers, including: 


Pain relief

By evenly distributing your weight, zero gravity loungers can help to relieve pressure on your spine and ease back pain. 


Improved circulation

When you're sitting in a traditional lounger, your legs are lower than your heart, which can lead to problems with circulation.


Since zero gravity loungers raise your legs above your heart, they can help improve circulation throughout your body. 


legs above heart


Reduced stress

The relaxed position offered by zero gravity loungers can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. 


Enhanced breathing

The position of a zero gravity lounger can also help to improve breathing by opening up your chest and lungs. 


Better sleep

Some people find that sleeping in a zero gravity lounger is more comfortable than sleeping in a bed, since there's no pressure on your spine or muscles, leading to improved sleep quality. 


bed back pain


Increased energy levels

By improving circulation and reducing stress, zero gravity loungers can also lead to increased energy levels throughout the day. 


Greater mobility

For people with limited mobility, such as those recovering from an injury or surgery, zero gravity loungers can make it easier to get in and out of a seated position. 


Whoa! Those are Great Benefits!

Yep! Whether you're looking for relief from back pain or just want a more comfortable way to relax at home, they are definitely made to fill a need in your life!


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Add One to Your Home in 2022

If you think a zero gravity lounger might be right for you, you need to check out these deals and add one to your home!


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