Bamboo Wood Plant Stands | Set of 3
Bamboo Wood Plant Stands | Set of 3
Bamboo Wood Plant Stands | Set of 3
Bamboo Wood Plant Stands | Set of 3
Bamboo Wood Plant Stands | Set of 3
Bamboo Wood Plant Stands | Set of 3
Bamboo Wood Plant Stands | Set of 3
Bamboo Wood Plant Stands | Set of 3

Bamboo Wood Plant Stands | Set of 3


Set of 3 Bamboo Wood Stands in 3 different heights made from eco-friendly bamboo wood that has been polished to bring out the natural matte luster of the wood.  This set is perfect for creating a small display shelf or showcasing plants, books, and more! 

  • DIMENSIONS/AMOUNT: These bamboo wood stands come in 10.5", 7.5", and 5" Wide (1 of each size). They collapse down to a nested 11"x8"x1" when not in use. 

See How People Are Using Our Bamboo Stands!

Versatile & Stylish

With its modern look and smooth finish, this stand will surely upgrade any space in your home, making it both stylish and functional. It also comes in three different sizes to fit whatever you want to place on top of it. These can be used as trivets to hold food, flipped over to hold vases, used on a shelf for photos or decor that need extra height, or in the center of a table as modern centerpieces.

Sturdy & Solid

For those heavy planters or pots that need the extra support , these stands are sure to keep your plants safe and steady. The natural bamboo wood is sanded for a smooth finish and the structure has been tested for stability. With its straightforward design, assembly is easy and only requires NO tools.


For each minimalist, low profile and easy storage when not in use, these stands are collapsible yet still sturdy, giving you the best of both worlds.


These bamboo wood stands are made with 100% natural and sustainably sourced bamboo wood, making them an eco-friendly choice for your home. These natural and ecologically responsible stands also feature an anti-slip base to keep whatever you choose to place in the stand stable and safe.


I wanted something for my kitchen counter next to the window. Perfect size stands for my orchids and hydrengias!

- Martha


I’m loving the beautiful addition to my console table decor. The color is fresh, the design is modern, and it only took a few seconds to put together. Upgrades my space in clean and non-cluttered way!

- Kathy

Functional & Sturdy

These stands are simple functional and sturdy. I have found them perfect for layering pots on my deck!

- Barb

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