About Us

Hi there! We are Tanner and Melissa, owners and founders of Cedar and Ink.

Creating beautiful spaces, and helping others do the same, is something I (Melissa) love to do. Cedar and Ink started in 2019 when I was pregnant with our second and my husband was temporarily out of work. What started as a side hustle has grown into our business where I work on the design and creative elements, and my husband runs the business side of things. Our two kiddos also regularly help "test" products... aka: the "drop test" :-).

All of our products are designed here in the U.S. Whenever possible, we work with refugees, young women, and local businesses-- our long term goal is to create sustainable income for individuals, families, and vulnerable groups. So when you support our business, you can take confidence in knowing you are supporting a small American based business with its local community in mind.